[Y트트T] Solo Urgoz's Warren 13 min (PURE)

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[Y트트T] Solo Urgoz's Warren 13 min (PURE)

Post by Batman »

Just wow boiz, I can't believe it finally happened. I figured out strats to obtain a 13 about four months ago with the help of my dear comrade Bay6Head. I always knew deep down a 14 was possible, but a 13 seemed unobtainable until Bay6 insisted on testing various situations until I finally discovered the no stone pop on fire flower bridge. With that discovery I knew 13:30s was possible. I've certainly been on pace for timing close to that before so I know it's possible to certainly get a better time than what you'll see in this video, but I think after this one I can gladly say I will retiring from Solo Urgoz's Warren. If anyone wants to improve on this time one big tip you may not have picked up on is when you DC to Urgoz there is chance you can get a growth to spawn thus making a target for your Dream Rider to cast Chaos Storm upon :)

I would also like to take the time to thank the following people for their generosity by donating their time and resources to me so I could complete this record:
Bay6, Henri, Graeca, Erik, Trunkz, Higgs, Ray, Gimli, Ishida, and Zack.

At the end of the video I also show my Friend's List to all you lovely people in this community that I enjoy playing with.

Without further ado, please enjoy my Urgoz's Warren Solo 13: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZwDgrkYBqQ
Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/vhzG4Xg

Bonus Video of the 14 I got yesterday that could have been 13:40s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77gfUvfLk3A
Extra bonus video of one of the fastest (if not the fastest) solo drinker ever: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5B-LpDMoU1U
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Re: [Y트트T] Solo Urgoz's Warren 13 min (PURE)

Post by Trunkz »

Congrats!! Impressive

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Re: [Y트트T] Solo Urgoz's Warren 13 min (PURE)

Post by PyroLobster »

Congratz dude, I know how hard you worked on this. Great stuff!

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Re: [Y트트T] Solo Urgoz's Warren 13 min (PURE)

Post by Doc »

gg #pure

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Re: [Y트트T] Solo Urgoz's Warren 13 min (PURE)

Post by Higgs »

dang im late to the party here!
..about 7 months late...after i failed an ez 13 back in the spring and then quit grinding :?
still i'm glad you took the effort to finally get this done! i totally understand how taxing this can be financially and emotionally, just know that someone out there pays respects to all the hair you lost F
for example risking the whole run at the very end to viper and spawn next to the zogru was something i had decided to never do, but your insane gambling paid off GG
and neat that you also discovered the gaki skip on your own. now we can start selling them to doa players at controlled prices??

nice staff from Trunkz but maybe it needs to recharge its luck back up! only 1 hsr vs 5 in a row in french hands

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Re: [Y트트T] Solo Urgoz's Warren 13 min (PURE)

Post by Andy »

Big yeet for the yeetman: This record is APPROVED!

for pure, current meta and all-time!

Minute based: 13min
Second based: 13:56.0 estimated based on video.

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