Duo DoA 31:23 [pure]

Submit your current-meta and all-time elite area records
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Viscous Dreams
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Duo DoA 31:23 [pure]

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Ty Ether for motivation

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Re: Duo DoA 31:23 [pure]

Post by Mikelton »

I want to thank Mike for motivating me to this record with him and the fun we had working on the strats and during the runs. Also big thanks to Befi for sponsoring. And credits as well to Mou who contributed to the tactics when Mike did runs with him some years ago. Actually i was joining one of their runs to test around with the recall bar and it was a run with them where we realized that it can work.

Also big thanks to the Loa guys for the financial motivation!

Nina 667 ekip
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Re: Duo DoA 31:23 [pure]

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Strong af gz

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Re: Duo DoA 31:23 [pure]

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Re: Duo DoA 31:23 [pure]

Post by Rom1hp »

BIG congrats this run is really impressive ,
we were talking about it during my training for the 13th i'm glad you got it, ether and fox are going to have to buy more Adderall

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Re: Duo DoA 31:23 [pure]

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Wunderbar @ MIKE & MIKE!

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Re: Duo DoA 31:23 [pure]

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for PURE, current meta and alltime!

Minute based: 31min
Second based: 31:24.3 from https://youtu.be/PiVzpx8FV6g , (start: 00:03.723 https://i.imgur.com/AbewSaD.png, end: 31:28.040 https://i.imgur.com/LyCDvhp.png, time: 31:24.317)

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