[PURE] Duo Ooze Pit (3:48) [IT]

Submit your current-meta and all-time dungeon records
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[PURE] Duo Ooze Pit (3:48) [IT]

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There's still quite a bit of room for improvement, but this was a decent run.

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Re: [PURE] Duo Ooze Pit (3:48) [IT]

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for PURE, current meta and alltime!

Minute based: 3min
Second based: 03:47.8 (from https://youtu.be/xc_l3dxrfM4, start: 00:03.307 https://i.imgur.com/lbKst8X.png, end: 03:51.127: https://i.imgur.com/13n2nUr.png, time: 03:47.820)

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