Sc Reborn

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Sc Reborn

Post by Ninaaaa »

Yo guys i had an idea what about make a new board for every elite area and said that the first one is like META record and make a new one NoMETA
What i mean is pretty all elite areas are soon pushed to their limits would be fun to have still the envy to sc for records and see cool new builds like if we talk about Doa lets say META is mesmer Spike like 8man till 2man so in this No meta board ull have to do doa wihtout mes spikes and when duo or solo try to find a way to do its with 1ranger only duo and something else than ranger solo(not sure if possible tho), Fow Meta is Vos so till solo No vos in splits and tho solo would be Vos pbly same for each things so was just an idea and tell me what u guys think about that. personally the idea to find new way new builds etc make me hype :)

Ps: PArdon my bad english im a dumb french animal

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Re: Sc Reborn

Post by Misty »

This is a fun idea, and definitely something I'd like to do. It's probably best to just ban Shadow Form and VoS - those are simple rules that you can't really get around, and it effectively nerfs every elite area except Deep. Maybe a couple more OP skills like YMLaD, EE, ESurge, etc... could also be banned.
Having official extra tables for this is unlikely to happen, but perhaps we could make it into a contest like my mission and VQ one, where you get some sort of prize for setting or beating a record.
Flo wrote:
Wed Apr 20, 2016 10:56 am
Sadly, Misty is right.

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Re: Sc Reborn

Post by Andy »

This is something we've been discussing in Zraw this week and also with Fett, we're going to set up a channel in discord to brainstorm ideas and hopefully set something up - if anybody has some good ideas or wants to get involved in setting it up let us know!

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Re: Sc Reborn

Post by Aaron Ramsey »

Maybe take a look at those garbage hombreway builds.

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Re: Sc Reborn

Post by haskhasin »

sounds fun, and I can support this as best I can. Making extra tables, or even forum sections is easy, the most time consuming task is moderating (approving records, and maybe setting up rules).

Also as a suggestion, how about changing some simple restrictions every... let's say... 2 or 3 or 4 months? (every month too quick imho).

Another similar idea could be to set up more defined but shorter challenges, every week or 2 weeks. Something like "complete fow without sf or vos". Restricting to one area should encourage competition. For that we would definitely need one or a few individuals tasked with setting up the challenges.

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Re: Sc Reborn

Post by Flo »

I will not be moderating this, but I wouldnt mind having a forum section for this.
Until then, you can post anything you feel worth posting to the [other] category, it will be tracked there if it is distinct enough from other [other] records.

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