Mod applications are... OPEN!

Submit and review mod applications here!
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Mod applications are... OPEN!

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Mod applications are... OPEN!

Hi all! Are you interested in joining the mod team? Mod duties include:
- Approving records and updating the tables
- Engage and discuss with the community

Right now, we are specifically looking for help in the following areas:
- Experienced uw/fow/dungeon players
- Help with the transition to second-based records
- Help with the discussion around pure/standard/TAS categories

Current mod team:
- Nina: FoW
- Andy: Deep, Urgoz, Doa
- Frs: Missions, SF, TOPK, Others
We're looking for help in UW and dungeons!

A few notes:
- The purpose of the vote is to get a general measure of confidence from the community. The final decision is up to the other mods and admin.
- The process and template might change in the future.
- Mods are not necessarily permanent. We will establish a process to remove inactive mods in the future.

To apply, copy and paste the text below into a new thread and fill accordingly.

What is your name? If you're known with different names, please list all of them.

Please list your characters, including characters from multiple accounts:

Please list your area(s) of expertise in the game:

Please list any community contributions (e.g.: forum moderation), guild leadership, and possible conflicts of interest (e.g.: past or planned record submissions).

Why do you want to be a moderator?

==== Important! Create a poll! ===
Please create a poll by going to the "Poll creation" tab below, and enter:
poll question "Vote!"
options: yes / no
Tick "Allow re-voting"
==== Then you can delete this ====

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