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Hello everyone,

I will soon no longer moderate GWSCR. I have some quite stressful months ahead of me and frankly, I just don't play as much anymore as I used to. I currently plan to keep up operations for around a month (review some records that came in recently, finalize dungeon and mission records tables that have not yet been migrated to second based times), but then will have my mod role removed. I will write down some additional considerations about the two ongoing topics regarding coindrop and objective timer in pure.

Some of you will probably be glad to hear this, but I still hope I had at least some positive impact on how the site, the decision processes and the rule system developed. I can only ask (...which is why I am writing this resignation letter in this subforum in the first place) for people to step up to do this in the future, and everyone else to act more considerate. Especially in recent times, people have constantly claimed that only their way of doing things is correct and everyone else is objectively wrong - this could of course not be further from the truth. It is not possible to find solutions that everyone agrees with 100% and there are usually many ways to achieve a goal. For the sake of my successor(s), whoever he/she/they might be, please try to keep this in mind when discussing with other players that have chosen to still compete in speedruns in this 15 year old game.

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Re: Resignation

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I can only thank you for all the work you've put into maintaining this website. There is to hope someone steps up to the game.

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