[other][pure?] factions new character any% in 2:24:22

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[other][pure?] factions new character any% in 2:24:22

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video: https://youtu.be/uLeNKTsqat0 (was going to be sub 2hr 20min.. i suck)

So since a couple of you mentioned it (maybe just memeing, idk), i got a pretty big improvement to the time tonight so thought id just go ahead and throw it in here. for starters i firmly believe it can get to sub 2 hours with enough rng. there is a lot of different tactics i need to impliment or find. however, i know the big issue most of us had with this being a thing for this site is the rules. it does go by the speedrun rules, and most of them i agree with but if this is something everyone here is interested in i do not mind writing out what i think would be a fair set of rules without too many extreme measures. despite the bit of interest, if this is something that nobody honestly cares to bother with on this site im fine with that as well as it is quite different and finding a nice balance of rules might take a little bit of discussion. either way, do with it what you please but here it is. ive definitely learned things i did not know about gw during my time going for this and am sure ill learn more.

p.s. and i do not want to take full credit for this as it is multiple of us working on the routing and what not, either old videos or just discussion in chat or in game testing.

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