[TAS] Duo Boreas Seabed 2:13 [Aria]

Submit your current-meta and all-time mission records
Missions do not include The Deep or Urgoz's Warren whose records should be submitted in the Elite Area Records subforum.
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[TAS] Duo Boreas Seabed 2:13 [Aria]

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Bay6 Pov (Necro):

Jabor Pov (Derv):
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Re: [TAS] Duo Boreas Seabed 2:13

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Everyone has a plan until you don't get punched in the mouth and can't die to dual vamp

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Re: [TAS] Duo Boreas Seabed 2:13

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Re: [TAS] Duo Boreas Seabed 2:13 [Aria]

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time for minutes based : 2min
time for second based : 2min13s

I still don't have access to a computer but thought it was more than time to approve these records, i'll update the table as soon as i can

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