[TAS] Duo Ruins of Surmia + Bonus (Age 14 / 14:55) [モvェム]

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[TAS] Duo Ruins of Surmia + Bonus (Age 14 / 14:55) [モvェム]

Post by Aria »


[TAS] seconds + minutes please

there is hardly any time save , which is what flo had told me
we tried for a solid good few hours and this was our best time with the tactic we put together

could be faster if we had good tengus/patrols and rurik isn't a complete fkin retard .................................. yeah

ty to scarlet for joining

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Re: [TAS] Duo Ruins of Surmia + Bonus (Age 14 / 14:55) [モvェム]

Post by Frs_ »

time for minutes based : 14min
time for second based : 14min55s

Soz for late approval didn't have internet access

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