[TAS] Solo Oola's Lab (Age 4 / 6:39) [モvェム]

Submit your current-meta and all-time dungeon records
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[TAS] Solo Oola's Lab (Age 4 / 6:39) [モvェム]

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*This is a replacement for my previously tied /age TAS record, some said it wasn't good enough so here is me beating the WR instead. :twisted:

I'd like to submit this run for [TAS] current meta minutes based and [TAS] current meta seconds based.

Video includes F11, /age from outside the dungeon, Toolbox timer and end chest spawning.

Level 1 - Age 2 / 2:52
Level 2 - Age 2 / 2:55
Level 3 - Age 0 / 0:51
Total - Age 4 / 6:39 seconds.

I dedicate this new run to a very special person; who I think is in love with me.

Thanks :mrgreen:

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