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[PURE] 7 min solo Arachni's Haunt [FaaG]

Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2021 12:30 am
by PyroLobster
Messy lvl 2 with horrid spawns but I cant yolo at that boss anymore in PURE to get a cleaner one so this will have to do.
I make it 8min 27sec but ill leave it for Flo to decide :)


Re: [PURE] 7 min solo Arachni's Haunt [FaaG]

Posted: Sat May 22, 2021 1:27 pm
by Flo

for PURE, current meta and alltime

Minute based: 7min
Second based: 08:28.0 by making an estimate on video time

Sorry for the long wait time, this really just got burried under other posts!