[TAS] Solo Secret Lair of the Snowmen (4:48) [IT]

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[TAS] Solo Secret Lair of the Snowmen (4:48) [IT]

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After hours of grinding and way to many consets, I've finally done it - the very first sub 5 minute solo Secret Lair of the Snowmen, beating the previous solo record by 120 seconds and even the duo record by 6 seconds.

Huge shoutout to Flo, Misty, Strongy and James that helped with ideas and everyone else for their morale support.

Another big thanks to Ashdoll, Henry and Ray for the contest that motivated me to do this in the first place. Unless someone beats me to it, that price money will get me quite a long way to replenishing my supplies.

Since tactics changed quite a bit during all of this, below are my previous PBs, both of which were already beating the previous record:
- 6:39
- 5:13

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Re: [TAS] Solo Secret Lair of the Snowmen (4:48) [IT]

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All minute based records are unbeatable btw

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Re: [TAS] Solo Secret Lair of the Snowmen (4:48) [IT]

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really impressive, but it's missing snowman music

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Re: [TAS] Solo Secret Lair of the Snowmen (4:48) [IT]

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nice work !

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