[Loa] 26:20 Trio UW Tie [TAS]

Submit your current-meta and all-time elite area records
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[Loa] 26:20 Trio UW Tie [TAS]

Post by BackTwoBaySix »

Image yo ether

https://youtu.be/7DRkuyfVnL8 ty for your co-operation mod team

this is different tactic at least. had about 10 25 dhuum entries fail for various reasons at this point (not glitch, bad canthan, bad pcon management, suicide at 10/10, bad morale management, pits souls not updating) maybe 1 day

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Re: [Loa] 26:20 Trio UW Tie [TAS]

Post by Ether »

yo wtf loa coming back with another uw record, god damn. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_W1J3WsEac

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Re: [Loa] 26:20 Trio UW Tie [TAS]

Post by Frs_ »

for TAS, current meta and alltime!

Minute based: 26min
Second based: 26:20:05 from ingame timer / toolbox

nice 25

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