[PURE] 35 solo fow [xx]

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[PURE] 35 solo fow [xx]

Post by elvar »

by far the most painful record ive ever done but finally i did it

in my eyes this run was really a 34 had my stone not bugged at tos lord but after 1500+ cons as well as fow rng making this mentally damaging im pretty satisfied with it. ill probably do a few runs from time to time but never gonna push this again lol

thanks to kova, mou and danny for the financial support as well as mad and ether for the mental support

this wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for nina's refined tactics so a big thank you to him.
go get the 34 for me now pd


no drama under this one ether ty

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Re: [PURE] 35 solo fow [xx]

Post by Nika »

yo wtf why do you steal ninas tactics without asking

but damn good job, looked very clean!
1500 cons is one hell of a number tho, damn rng in guildwars

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Re: [PURE] 35 solo fow [xx]

Post by Nina 667 ekip »

I hate canada but i hate gw rng even more gj pd this should been a 34

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Re: [PURE] 35 solo fow [xx]

Post by mad »

can you thank ether for the tactics please thanks

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Re: [PURE] 35 solo fow [xx]

Post by Zan »

gz :D 34 in my eyes too

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Re: [PURE] 35 solo fow [xx]

Post by Marcin »

gj buddy !!!

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Re: [PURE] 35 solo fow [xx]

Post by James/SynSity »

You worked really hard on this man, well earned I am proud of you

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Re: [PURE] 35 solo fow [xx]

Post by Flo »

for PURE, current meta and alltime!

Minute based: 35min
Second based: 35:08.0, based on making an estimate on video time

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