[Y트트T] 11:47 Solo Urgoz's Warren (TAS)

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[Y트트T] 11:47 Solo Urgoz's Warren (TAS)

Post by Batman »

So here we are moving from PURE to TAS (SpankNSpit) - I've known this 11 was possible once I obtained the 12 along with Higgs 9 months ago. I only just started grinding for this about 3 weeks ago with TAS because of the ability to make it just easier to accomplish and get micro adjustments that really made this record a lot more consistent to grind. Maybe one day I will try and grind the 11 PURE but for now I'm happy with this solid 11;47.

Anyway, watching the video back everything was nearly flawless until I hit drinker room where it seems like I lose out on a few seconds to a body block. Then performing #yeetway (face tanking wolves got a 2;19 a few days ago) drinker room lost me 21 seconds from a whirl removal where I quickly recover and get a rockstar 9;47 last snake kill leading to a 9;56 Urgoz room entrance where I unfortunately get Slashers instead of Triple Choppers. Then with a stroke of luck Urgoz bugs and makes easy work of it by not using the monster skill and just auto attacks my captain with this massive fellblade.

I'd like to thank my donators: Teh (fucking actually legendary amount of donations, seriously what a fucking goat), Trunkz, Dom, Henri, and Smiiles.

I leave my friend list up at the end of the video to thank all the real gangsters that make playing this game lovely, if you are on this list you are a real one - love you all xoxo

Without any further ado and around ~900 attempts later I hope you all enjoy the freshest Urgoz's Warren drop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsdxyMXGFv0
Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/8pyUl1C
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Re: [Y트트T] 11:47 Solo Urgoz's Warren (TAS)

Post by Higgs »

Bruh now ur as fast as a spikeway nice!

Serious tho, huge GZ, i know it took a ton of work (and skipping irl work) to finally get this! U deserve it.
(Meanwhile i've been slacking and havent touched gw in months..but maybe coming back for the 10 Soon (TM)..jk it always drives me nuts how much rng farming is needed (especially for yeetway wolves now) and im glad u did it all)

Shoulda got that spicy fellblade and put it on ur fireplace
Btw anyone figure out why he swaps? Cuz if so, maybe a hornbow is worth it (?) with vipers that dont trigger a growth
Anyway it's been a wild and crazy ride from the 15 with ya!

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Re: [Y트트T] 11:47 Solo Urgoz's Warren (TAS)

Post by Andy »


TAS all time, current meta, minute and second based!

Minute based: 11min
Second based: 11:47.2

Dedication delivers! Beautiful watch Batman. It's not toxic to say I can't wait for the pure one, right? :D

p.s. I am not available to hire for graphics work

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