[Aria] Solo Underworld 1:21:20 [PURE]

Submit your current-meta and all-time elite area records
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[Aria] Solo Underworld 1:21:20 [PURE]

Post by BackTwoBaySix »

screen: https://i.imgur.com/fmBZ0xi.png
video: https://youtu.be/BLaRyJLyYIA

I don't even wanna re-watch plains I lost like 5 mins there because mindblade settle in wrong position and I try to correct it, should have just yolo it. Also forgot my dual vamp weapon so I had to drop armor of salvation (for regen) which was a monkaS on queen lol. Also rangers at dhuum on cathan fml bro. Good use of seal at the start, fuck pure tbw.

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Re: [Aria] Solo Underworld 1:21:20 [PURE]

Post by Flo »

for PURE, current meta and alltime!

Minute based: 1hr21min
Second based: 01:21:20.5 by ingame timer / toolbox

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