[IT] 15:49 Domain of Anguish 7 man [TAS]

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[IT] 15:49 Domain of Anguish 7 man [TAS]

Post by Cruz »

So apparently this is a very easy category. Our only problem was that the packets reached our German players so fast that they couldn't keep up. Consets provided by Kai.

Leo deserves as much recognition for this record as anyone else on the team since he ran with us from the start on various positions but unfortunately couldn't be on the team on the night we got the record due to lag issues.

Johannes (MT)


Has (TT)

Cruz (VoR)


Xan (TK)

Xray (Minion)

Flo (VoS and highest damage player)


Rom (Gloom ranger)
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Re: [IT] 15:49 Domain of Anguish 7 man [TAS]

Post by Flo »

Another run that we unfortunately lost: https://youtu.be/DheGDjf5vR4

This is your chance to beat this in the second based measurement. Such competition, wow!

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Re: [IT] 15:49 Domain of Anguish 7 man [TAS]

Post by Rom1hp »

No chance to beat this time, I'm pro ranger 1hp french carry again


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