[TAS] 6 min Solo Cathedral of Flames [dp]

Submit your current-meta and all-time dungeon records
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[TAS] 6 min Solo Cathedral of Flames [dp]

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Re: [TAS] 6 min Solo Cathedral of Flames [dp]

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about time you do something

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Re: [TAS] 6 min Solo Cathedral of Flames [dp]

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for TAS, current meta and alltime!

Have you ever gotten a age 1 level 2? Assuming you drop shadowform for the elementalist bossgroup to get the full damage from honored sand shards that should save some time since there is only 1 dominator there that can be played around with just grenths aura. Damage with sand shards on boss + 2 melees imo has potential for ~10 seconds timesave. I do see the smoke phantom but it should be possible to break it fast enough. Also, probably slight timesave through popping lunars (idk why you didnt, just forgot i assume) and earlier stone at level 2 boss.

I am definitely aware of how rough level 1 is, just seeing some more potential here.

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Re: [TAS] 6 min Solo Cathedral of Flames [dp]

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shocked people still hit records on a dead mmo, imagine doing this when the volume of players were here and not just waiting for the best to up and leave LOL

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Re: [TAS] 6 min Solo Cathedral of Flames [dp]

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2:07 @ stage 2?
i feel like its possible to be like 8 seconds faster, isnt it?

good run anyway :)

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Re: [TAS] 6 min Solo Cathedral of Flames [dp]

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Imagine being bad enough to not even be able to get a record after "all the best to up and leave"

Yeah I was discussing this earlier this year after the duo that solo was possible to probably get a 5-6. I however was not going to push it since I didn't have the time. Amazing stuff. Definitely agree that 5 min is possible theoretically but not going to let it take away from this 6 min run.

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Re: [TAS] 6 min Solo Cathedral of Flames [dp]

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It's funny considering that players only get better (atleast the record players we're not talking average playerbase xd)

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