[PURE] Solo Arachni's Haunt 8min [FaaG]

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[PURE] Solo Arachni's Haunt 8min [FaaG]

Postby PyroLobster » Sat Mar 09, 2019 5:33 am

Its finally done. Took more attempts than I care to admit. Even with all those blocks floor 1 was about 4min 54sec. Floor 2 was crazy, somehow took on 8 bloods, 4 venoms, 5 pains, 3 lifes + boss and won for a 4min 39sec.

Start: https://imgur.com/8qCPsUh
lvl 1: https://imgur.com/9NnzUAZ
lvl 2: https://imgur.com/WZhVFyK

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