[TAS] 11:13 droks run

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[TAS] 11:13 droks run

Post by Frs_ »


Still had the mission map to remember the path, tas can for sure be pushed sub 11 by a more decent player than me, especially if using mini/boos, and standard/pure too probably with a better knowledge and good execution

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Re: [TAS] 11:13 droks run

Post by Doc »

Once again, [Back] is dominating one of the best record categories of gwscr, congrats Frs!

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Re: [TAS] 11:13 droks run

Post by Snoop »

I'm sorry to have to tell you that Doc but this record isn't listed as [Back] :)

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Re: [TAS] 11:13 droks run

Post by kzu »

im gonna reach sub 11mins ez pz lemon squeezy, i'll do it smiles dont worries,
gz frs but u're still garbage but ily fam fuck db

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Re: [TAS] 11:13 droks run

Post by Andu »

AZIL still beasting in the game gz FRS

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Re: [TAS] 11:13 droks run

Post by Smiiles »

I made someone do a thing. Technically a win for me

Edit: @Kzu & Frs: Race to sub 11?

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