[TAS] Fastest kill of Shiro Tagachi 42 sec Solo [Aria]

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[TAS] Fastest kill of Shiro Tagachi 42 sec Solo [Aria]

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I am currently pushing for 00:42 (for 00:46 record), this is the first 00:43 I have had, and without a crit as well. I should apply for most amount of consecutive sniper supports without a crit as well.

UPDATE: I got the 00:42, however it does not result in a 00:46 record like I expected? RIP the dream. I doubt a 41 is possible. Maybe if you get meditation bug and a crit. But getting him into meditation bug I cannot find exactly what causes it, and theres no time to do anything except cast your skills.

If I get rich in game maybe I'd go for a 00:41 (maybe thats a 00:46 record?) with a faster less consistent build as I find it quite enjoyable. But for now I'm stopping here. Also I wasted a lot of cons while I had a TB bug which caused me to have slow loads lmao! Onto the next one.

Image: https://i.imgur.com/SVnUvzd.png

Video: https://youtu.be/k0j6VZswEnA

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