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Other Records

Postby Nika » Sat Feb 06, 2016 3:04 am

Heart of the Shiverpeaks (Cyndr)
1 player [Golt] (5min) Thread
Defeat the 4 Charr bosses in The Northlands
1 player [Golt] (1min) Thread
1 player [SenT] (1min) Thread
Enter post-searing
[TAS] 1 player [-] (0min) Thread
Black Bear Tame
[PURE] 2 players [Run] (0min) Thread
Bonus Mission Pack
The Battle of Jahai
The Flight North
1 player [NoU] (6min47sec) Thread
The Rise of the White Mantle
The Tengu Accords
Event Quests
Fighting in a Winter Wonderland
[PURE] 1 player [-] (4min30sec) Thread
1 player [FBGM] (3min) Thread
Elite areas sub-tasks
Killing Priest of Menzies
[PURE] 1 player [-] (1min) Thread
Spawn Mountain Reaper
8 players [-] (2min) Thread
DoA - The Foundry of Failed Creations
DoA - The City of Torc'qua
[TAS] 1 player [Loa] (8min) Thread
DoA - Stygian Veil
[TAS] 8 players [-] (5min) Thread
[TAS] 1 player [Loa] (36min) Thread
1 player [pRma] (39min) Thread
DoA - Ravenheart Gloom
[PURE] 2 players [Loa] (6min) Thread
[TAS] 1 player [Loa] (9min) Thread
Urgoz: Solo with Hero
[TAS] 2 player [-] (14 min) Thread
Quest: Polymock: Defeat Master Hoff
[PURE] 1 player [-] (1min) Thread
Maximum single heal
3 players [FBGM] 37223 hp Thread

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