Vanquish Record Rules

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Vanquish Record Rules

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Please check here for the general rules

1. The size of the group, not the amount of real players in it is relevant, this is especially important for missions that require you to bring a hero (Nightfall).

2. Times for missions are determined in two different categories:
  • 1st category: Missions that include a timer
    (Prophecies: none; Factions: Minister Chos Estate, Vizunah Square, Nahpui Quarter, Tahnnakai Temple, Arborstone, Boreas Seabed, Sunjiang District, Unwaking Waters, Raisu Palace, Imperial Sanctum; Nightfall: Grand Court of Sebelkeh, Ruins of Morah, Abaddons Gate; EotN: none)
    The time in these missions is determined by the time given to you at the end of the mission by the game itself – therefore, records for these missions are measured in seconds, not in full minutes. A single screenshot of a completion time is not sufficient, since the game does not state which mission was completed. It must be clearly visible in the video.
  • 2nd category: Missions that do not include a timer
    (every mission except the ones listed above)
    The time in those missions is determined by the time the mission-ending-cutscene starts, so you have to use some sort of SC-timer. Records are measured in full minutes.
3. For a bonus to be accepted its completion has to be either visible in the video (i.e. killing a bonus-foe) or the confirmation in the mission-ending-cutscene has to be waited for.

4. You can also post anything that is not a elite-area, a dungeon, a mission or a vanquish record with the tag [other]. You are free to post anything, for example highest single damage done, highest healing, time to cover a certain distance, time to finish a quest or any another objective. Times are minute based unless there is a time given by the game itself. You re required to provide one video in total.

Good luck and have fun!


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