[Standard] Warband Of Brothers 6min solo

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Missions do not include The Deep or Urgoz's Warren whose records should be submitted in the Elite Area Records subforum.
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[Standard] Warband Of Brothers 6min solo

Post by Kev »

It might be possible to get a 1 min level 2 to get a total of 5minutes, if your spike is ofc faster & cleaner then what mine is, and i guess pstone double ymlad, or if there's any other skill to replace any skill in the bar with, and obviously by using rock candy running through the spiders (like my extravideo below).

Here's a video of my best level 2 (not in the record)

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Re: [Standard] Warband Of Brothers 6min solo

Post by Flo »

for standard!

Minute based: 6min

Second based evaluation will follow later.

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