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9 minute Bloodstone Fen + Bonus solo.

Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 3:35 am
by Double Derv Dare

As with the 6 minute mission without bonus, this is pretty straightforward. I was fairly convinced that I was going to get the first bonus seed at around 3:05-3:07 based off the first 1:20 of the mission where I got abysmal spawns, but I got good enough spawns after that to recover time, and got excellent spawns and timings all the way to Hablion once I stanced out of the bonus area.

Ogek8dp16yuEuDFk51BWoz3GOZuI As before, the bar just abuses 9/10 pious haste duration and nonmax earth prayers. However this time I couldn't reach 20 mysticism because I needed a 32 second duration shadow of haste. This meant that whenever I was weakened I had 18 earth prayers and lost 1 second of duration on pious haste. That's very small, but it adds up, particularly if you get the necromancer boss on the last set of seeds.Technically you can do this with a shorter duration SoH and just rely on being able to death's charge down into the water out of the area, but that's highly dependent on spawn rng.

I fucked up the Death's Charge to Hablion because I was swapping my armor very late due to bad timings on pious haste. Honestly, I should have just swapped right after the cutscene because I didn't need the full duration.

Re: 9 minute Bloodstone Fen + Bonus solo.

Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 12:53 pm
by Flo

for standard with bonus!