Bloodstone Fen 6 minute 1 man

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Double Derv Dare
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Bloodstone Fen 6 minute 1 man

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Very straightforward record. You just need to be brave and learn to dodge.

The gimmick here is nonmax earth prayers. Ogekwurcq9JEuzBG3Voj513GOZuI

20 mysticism gives you a 9 seconds pious haste duration, even when weakened. Simply armor swap from +4 mysticism to +4 earth and +1 mysticism while running up to Hablion giving you 17 mysticism and 19 earth prayers.

You could armor swap to a full forsaken set for the run. Hell, even blessed would be better for running because you never have more than two enchantments active while running, but it's not needed and I'm too lazy to rune an armor set.

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Re: Bloodstone Fen 6 minute 1 man

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for standard!

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