The Wilds 4 minute solo

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The Wilds 4 minute solo

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James PoV:

James IRL PoV:

This mission can fuck itself with a rake.

The first root skip works about 1/3 of the time if you do it perfectly. Half the time he uses muddy terrain first, and when he doesn't you have a 30-40% chance of closing the gates before aggroing him due to bad life pod spawn locations.

Then you have better than 50% fail rate after the first cutscene due to avengers freezing you. If you get one in the patrols you death's charge to you can dodge the shard storm about 25% of the time. Otherwise he hits you with it, or immediately casts ice prison and you fail.

The elementalist boss is surprisingly a non factor. Unless you get him in the northeast point, his snares just waste time. If he's there you get pressure damaged out by the billions of spiders, and can have wind riders chase you stupidly far.

The final root skip is honestly the easiest part of the mission. You can get really bad spawns that will blow you up while you stand there, but it's rare.

Regardless, 2:40 instance time for completing the skip is an utterly insane pace, and getting 3:55 for the final cutscene means that a 3 minute is theoretically possible with a Wastrel's Collapse runner and a team of spikers.

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Re: The Wilds 4 minute solo

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for standard - congratulations!

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