Jennur's Horde + bonus 2 min 2 man + koss.

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Double Derv Dare
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Jennur's Horde + bonus 2 min 2 man + koss.

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This trumps our previous 3 man a few weeks ago. We went in intending to do an easy 3 minute, and quickly realized that some minor routing and skill optimizations would let us get a two.

Pious haste makes everything better. You get there faster and can actually ball the rangers.

Using koss to pull the northern harbringer saves several seconds, but isn't ultimately needed if everything works. However, dragging the margonite group to the west and saccing Koss lets you recover otherwise unworkable spawns.

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Re: Jennur's Horde + bonus 2 min 2 man + koss.

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for standard!

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