[Standard] 13 min Solo Raven's Point [dp]

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[Standard] 13 min Solo Raven's Point [dp]

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Re: [Standard] 13 min Solo Raven's Point [dp]

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So glad I dont have to do this anymore lol. Glad it's over and fucking geeg!

I also want to say that this run was almost argued impossible, but after Dido's revision on lvl 3 and the different boss pull tactic making the 5min lvl 3 possible. And my thought of using guards on Lvl2 Vaettir and also good Destroyer Spawns, a 4min Lvl 2 is possible. After Dido proved these times, I knew it was a go. We both started trying our luck and praying to RNJesus and it was only a matter of time. This honestly makes me so happy, and glad this dungeon is capped.

Kappa... Duo's when? ;D

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Re: [Standard] 13 min Solo Raven's Point [dp]

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for standard, current meta and alltime!

People who have never tried this dungeon can not feel how terrifying level 1 is - congrats!

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