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[TAS] 22min Vloxen Solo [Loa]

Posted: Tue Jun 19, 2018 3:12 am
by Smiiles
This was actually easier than I anticipated; I'm assuming a 17/18 is possible. But don't think I'll be going for that anytime soon. Sorry for random lightspeed moments in video my internet was being poop and I had 1k ping right before Necro boss on lvl 2 and other random moments in run.

F11 (cause I'm Flo and Light combined and forget things):

But yea lvl3 can be faster(goal is 6/7), and obviously no deaths on Lvl2 should equate to a 11min(10 if you're a wizard). Might try later to get this sub 20 at least.... Maybe, prob not tho lol

Re: [TAS] 22min Vloxen Solo [Loa]

Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2018 3:11 pm
by Flo

for TAS, current meta!

I did a 6 minute level 3 in my 26 ( Imo you re supposed to die and then use seals for unseen fury.

Re: [TAS] 22min Vloxen Solo [Loa]

Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2018 8:03 pm
by Smiiles
Ye I remember. But seals were on le ranger. It's gonna be a while before I do more attempts on that 18.. (Killed Kurg @4:45 today) I'm getting more consistent. Ty tho