[pure] 1 min solo duncan [ミミミズ]

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[pure] 1 min solo duncan [ミミミズ]

Post by Skunky »

Speedヸclear [ミミミズ] presents

1 min solo duncan



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Re: [pure] 1 min solo duncan [ミミミズ]

Post by 0lfo »

Thats really impressive ! but i guess it wasnt that hard for my skunky <3

dervishly small
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Re: [pure] 1 min solo duncan [ミミミズ]

Post by dervishly small »

gz skunky

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Re: [pure] 1 min solo duncan [ミミミズ]

Post by Smiiles »

I am so glad he got this :D ... fucking gg mate. Duo Ravens time? Lol

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Re: [pure] 1 min solo duncan [ミミミズ]

Post by Ether »

wtf u fucking maniac

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Re: [pure] 1 min solo duncan [ミミミズ]

Post by Nika »

wtf i just saw this - first time i saw it i just took it for another duncans solo tie but then i looked into it wtf?
also the Speedclear guild still exists oO

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Re: [pure] 1 min solo duncan [ミミミズ]

Post by Flo »

for PURE, current meta and alltime!

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