[Y트트T] Solo Urgoz's Warren 15 min (PURE)

Submit your current-meta and all-time elite area records
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[Y트트T] Solo Urgoz's Warren 15 min (PURE)

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Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zG8CrHY ... e=youtu.be
Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/Q1StwW8

I would like to submit this record for minutes and seconds based.

This grind was truly a lot of fun to be fair. I want to just give a nice shout-out to my comrade Higgs for helping me with some pointers along the way. Clearly, there is some time loss in the video, I think a high 14 is certainly possible - maybe another day x)

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Re: [Y트트T] Solo Urgoz Warren (PURE)

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Re: [Y트트T] Solo Urgoz Warren (PURE)

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GZ that'll show those tas cheaters!
o wait....

this one also best record in category of Playing At Work
imagine getting paid to sit in an office doing this

2/9 evas lol

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Re: [Y트트T] Solo Urgoz's Warren 15 min (PURE)

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for PURE, current meta and alltime!

Minute based: 15min

Second based: 15:38.8

From https://youtu.be/zG8CrHYn388
Starttime: 00:09.280 https://i.imgur.com/SImMZOZ.png
Endtime: 15:48.137 https://i.imgur.com/uWNfaV8.png
Runtime: 15:38.857 -> floored 15:38.8

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