15 min 6 man UW [Standard]

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Re: 15 min 6 man UW [Standard]

Post by Flo »

Yeah, that is true. Although one might want a middle ground that allows convenience features that are not gamebreaking. We had this discussion for a couple of years now and it wont be solved in this thread.

Anyways, the time of this record is clearly faster than the other one, and therefore will of course be listed on the record table above the other one. I am sure people comparing those records will understand the differences that lead to both of them appearing on the table and value the one(s) that in their eyes deserve it.

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Re: 15 min 6 man UW [Standard]

Post by Sylars »

The issue with that is that the Standard ruleset just doesn't follow the rule of "no things the game otherwise wouldn't allow you to do". It's completely arbitrary and the impact of the feature or the attainability of the feature without tool assistance play zero role to what's currently allowed in standard and what not.

I'd be completely fine if the ruleset was consistent in that regard, although I'd still think of the existence of the tier as stupid. But allowing auto pcons and hotkeys but not allowing the minimap to be open despite not interacting with it? That makes no sense. Or manual coindrop or slowload being banned to TAS? TAS means tool assisted speedrun. There's no tool assistance going on there. The rulesets have to be worked over because they're random. Every time the conversation is brought up it ends up with "it's not a topic for here or it won't get solved now".

But when will it actually be solved? Because I can 100% assure you that every single speedrunner in any game ever would agree that the current rules are utterly retarded. And postponing it over and over again just leads to them still being shit in a year.

And about record approval: do it consistently. Our 4 men ToPK is only approved because of being nice about a minor detail being left out. That's fine. But then this should be fine too. As @James said, the point of the rule sets is to create a level playing field, not to arbitrarily reject records despite clearly no advantages being gained.

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Re: 15 min 6 man UW [Standard]

Post by James/SynSity »

Flo wrote:
Sun Jul 19, 2020 5:28 pm
I am sure people comparing those records will understand the differences that lead to both of them appearing on the table
Yes all zero of them :?

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