Major Site Update [cont'd] - Monday, July 12, 2013

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Major Site Update [cont'd] - Monday, July 12, 2013

Postby Administrator » Mon Aug 12, 2013 10:55 pm has now been pushed through phase two (with two more phases expected to reach completion) of our planned re-architecturing process.

Here is what was changed in the update:
  • Redesigned Home Page:
    • Content such as news is now dynamically generated, meaning there is less need for human maintenance, and the site will auto update news and other relevant game content as it becomes available.
    • New sections: Things To Do, Happening Now, Featured Build and Featured Guild.
  • API Integration:
    • Live event tracking can be found on the home page.
    • New group finder tool.
  • Other:
    • A backed up copy of the old forums (during Guild Wars 1 days) is now available for viewing publicly here. We did this as a thanks to our devotes GW1 community, who we know a lot of the members wouldn't mind revisiting the old forums. Registration on the old forums is disabled. Please do not force us to turn off posting.
Upcoming changes:
  • Certain things are being tweaked for speed optimization. (Most notably the event tracking home page at the time of this writing).
  • The "Other Records" forum will be back at a later date.
  • There will be full support for jumping puzzle records.
  • The events status page will be completed.
  • The records page/table will be rewritten.
  • The forums will be rewritten.
  • The backend is currently in the process of being rewritten and will be completed soon. This will enable updates to be pushed much more rapidly than has been standard around here.
We hope you like the changes and if anything is broken please feel free to report it. Also please send your suggestions for new website additions/sections and content to

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