Major Site Update - Friday, March 8, 2013

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Major Site Update - Friday, March 8, 2013

Postby Administrator » Sat Mar 09, 2013 11:41 pm

Welcome to Guild Wars 2 World Records

Today moved away from being completely forum based, which was originally a change to make the site easier to maintain collaboratively. is now once again a standalone website, albeit renamed to "Guild Wars 2 World Records," with multiple pages and community discussion forums.

Here is what was changed in the update:
  • Records table moved out of forums and back onto standalone website which hosts relevant site, community, and game news, as well as links to valuable resources.
  • New dynamic themes that generate every time a page is loaded to create a new and immersive experience each time you visit the site. E.g. When you visit the home page you might see Divinity's Reach concept art and hear the Divinity's Reach soundtrack, while someone else might see concept art for the Shatterer and hear his battle soundtrack. (This was made to be rather high-quality but still load quickly; please send an e-mail to if it is performing otherwise).
  • The "Other Records" forum and support for other records have been temporarily removed.
Upcoming changes:
  • The "Other Records" forum will be back at a later date.
  • An additional and condensed records table (GW1-esque styled) for quick browsing and comparison of all records at once. This has actually already been prototyped but didn't make it in this round.
  • Settings to disable the new dynamic themes for those who are sure to be annoyed by the soundtrack.
  • An RSS feed to keep track of new records.
  • Broken Mariah is almost done with her massive Fractals guide, plus Misty and (I think) Manic have more guides planned. We will also have a condensed Fractals guide.
We hope you like the changes and if anything is broken please feel free to report it. Also please send your suggestions for new website additions/sections and content to

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