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Re: New Section

Post by Dave »

I don't see the problem with having NewGame and NewGame+ as options.
NewGame being just as a new account
and NewGame+ being pop everything you want with PCons, Consets and Tengus in every Area

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Re: New Section

Post by Flo »

Imo such a category would need to be no chest, no /bonus, no merc heroes, no event active (or just not allowed to use event items, else such a run would only be possible during the few weeks per year when cupcakes drop...), no interaction with other players, apart from the ones forced onto you by the game. And yes, it would have to be realtime, since otherwise ppl would just use 59 seconds to kill single enemies outside of outposts to get their level up to where it shouldnt be.

On a sidenote, when are you able to access merc heroes on a new char?

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Re: New Section

Post by Talia »

With toolbox, as soon as you create it.
Normally, the quickest access is Kamadan through Nightfall, otherwise Kaineng or LA.

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