Step 2: Agreeing on Basic Statements

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Step 2: Agreeing on Basic Statements

Postby Flo » Sun Apr 30, 2017 8:30 am

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This is the thread to deal with:
"2. Set up a thread with some really basic points regarding a new decision making system for the rules (for example like a vote or that what Misty proposed)
3. See if we can get a consensus on the topic mentioned above"

Please remember we are still not engaging in a contentual discussion and not even in a discussion about the voting system itself, those will be the subject of the following thread(s).

Statements hopefully everyone can agree on:
a) There is disagreement in the community about how rules should be implemented.
b) There is disagreement in the community about what the rules should be.
c) Some people believe the old process of setting up rules isnt sufficient anymore.
d) The community should be involved more in the legislative process.
e) A decission made by this new legislative process has to be accepted by everyone.
f) The moderators role should be mainly to provide structure to a discussion, bring up topics of interest and execute the rules.

As intended, those statements are really basic and I personally think everyone can agree on that. Please note that I didnt make any suggestions regarding how a new legislative process should look like (thats the subject of the next topic), I only stated that everyone probably agrees there needs to be more community involvement.

If you disagree with any of a) - f) or think something should be added, state so. If there is no response for a few consecutive days (I dont think this topic will be too controversial...), we ll proceed with setting up the new process in the next thread.

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