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Records Rules

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Post a new thread to share records with the community!

Post rules

1. Records are recognized in one of three sections: Elite Areas, Dungeons or Missions/Vanquishes/other. Post in the appropriate section and check the section-specific rules.

2. State the category, time achieved, party size, and area completed in the title of your thread. If you want the record to be attributed to a guild, also include the guild tag.

3. Records require videos being uploaded to either youtube or twitch. Other video hosts are not acceptable.

Record Rules

1. Records are based on trust. Do not attempt to fake screenshots or videos, any team attempting to fake a record will have its members banned from any future record.

2. For a record to be valid the time must be faster than or equal to the current record displayed on the main page. Time is determined by the in-game /age command. The /age command should be visible and clearly readable in at least one video or screenshot. Some missions are an exception to this rule; check the Mission Record Rules for details.

3. Records are classified by their category and party size, determined by the number of players, including heroes and henchmen, entering the area at the start of the run. The party list must be fully displayed at the start of your run. No records will be accepted if someone else managed to accomplish it with less people, and achieving an equal or better time with a smaller party size will replace an existing record.
Records with the same time in different categories can coexist. This means that there can be a PURE, a STANDARD and a TAS record with the same time at once. A STANDARD record cant be slower than a PURE record and a TAS record cant be slower than a PURE or a STANDARD record.

4. The area must be fully completed, in the same run. Check each section (Elite Areas, Dungeons or Missions) for details on completeness.

5. Records must be performed in Hard Mode.

6. Records posted in the PURE and STANDARD category have to provide full video coverage (= every single member needs to provide the video of his point of view in full length), TAS records need one video in total. All required videos have to be public.
If a player needs longer than 15 seconds to connect, it is considered an intentional slowload.

7. If you wish your record to be displayed in the current-meta table, you must show your F11 window at some point in the video. It is also possible to provide a screenshot of F11 done before the run, or a screenshot of F11 after the run but still in the same instance. Those screenshots must show /age.

8. The use of third party tools is prohibited by the EULA, and not endorsed by GWSCR. In the categories STANDARD and TAS records will be approved even when 3rd party tools were used.

Records are separated into the three categories PURE, STANDARD and TAS.

-no tools are allowed at all (not even modifications of textures), with the one exception of a simple in-game timer showing only instance time (e.g. no urgoz door information).
-coindrop and slowloads are not permitted, even when done without a tool

-some tools are allowed while others arent
-allowed: any modification of textures, health trackers, distance trackers, hotkeys for items, auto-pcons, bond monitors that only shows bonds but dont let you interact, hotkeys to send chat commands
-not allowed: aggro trackers, macros that execute multiple keypresses (for example emo bots), bond monitors that let you interact with the bonds, movement macros, sending dialogs, other forms of targetting other than those given by the game itself (for example targetting by id), targetting agents that could not be targetted without a tool (for example gitb), ruptbots and tools to hit skills (for example overload), auto-rezzscrolls, auto-mobstoppers, tools that shows the area on which you can and can not walk on, tools that show where you placed your soh / your recall target is located, tools that show which direction enemies are facing, tools that let you mark spots on the minimap permanently
-coindrop and slowloads are not permitted, even when done without a tool

-all tools are allowed

Have fun, and good luck!

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Re: Records Rules

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EDIT 2019-09-01

Previous: 3. Records require videos
New: 3. Records require videos being uploaded to either youtube or twitch. Other video hosts are not acceptable.


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