Duo UW tactics

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Re: Duo UW tactics

Postby Treviya Calabas » Sun Dec 11, 2016 9:16 pm

yes we have done it and it worked
as they wrote in that comment section the rangerspawn was the problem not the melees and a legio popped on the glichspot will never have a pathing like the ranger had. I also would never use a warhorn/reinforcment order/tengu flare there we had tested that and always had the judgment problem or we had the problem with the dark prison jump which also can fuck up the glich - thats why we used a legionnaire then who does really good damage does not unglich anything and has self heal

im not saying we are pros at dhuum we only did dhuum succesfull like 5-10 times(only 3-4 times with a good pillar glich and without failing around). Our main goal there was to find out the perfect pathing to glich dhuum directly after his first spawn cause he always moves in the same pattern.

@livia we had put a lot of money and efford in this the months before we got banned and those tactics do work. the failrisk is very high and to do this all in one run needs a big portion of luck, no doubt about this but our goal was to beat the actual time not just by a lousy minute.
to the mnts thing: yes the first times we tried this we used dialog ofc to see if its worth the efford to train this and you forgot the case of a aggrofree reaper what happens as well. To be honest the majority of times we had that paralell quest thing working the reaper was aggro free but we also had runs were my ranger was able to do both before the reaper starts attacking. And like I wrote in my second post this thing fails 50% of time because the demon asassin reaches the reaper before the queen dies.

We also had this theoreycrafting thing - first we thought we can reach a 40 what is absolutely ridiculous but we have tested and worked out a lot and what I wrote in my second post are our results as far as they are in my memory

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