Rupt-bot in PvE

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Rupt-bot in PvE

Postby Pepsi » Fri May 13, 2016 2:47 pm

Hey guys, I am turning to you hoping I can end a tiny discussion we just had on TeamSpeak.

In essence, we’ve had some ideas to speed up sub-8man UW-runs, which would require us to interrupt a couple of .25s skills. Someone suggested using a rupt-bot to make things safer and easier.
Basically, I just want to know if we can use it in potential records-runs.

Usually, I wouldn’t reason *for* 3rd-party software but I provokingly used the same arguments people have been throwig at me when trying to convince me auto-sweets shouldn’t be banned from speedruns:
It’s not a huge advantage; I’d just use it out of comfort; I can easily do it manually; etc.

Obviously, I was being sarcastic, but I figured no one could tell me a rupt-bot breaks the rules while auto-sweets are allowed.
I know this has potential to cause another discussion about toolbox and stuff, but I don’t intend to break that shit loose again. I’m just curious what you guys think about using it.

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Re: Rupt-bot in PvE

Postby Ether » Fri May 13, 2016 5:02 pm

what exactly does a rupt bot do? rupt a skill for you?

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Re: Rupt-bot in PvE

Postby Kaspar » Sat May 14, 2016 7:15 am

First of all, consumables can be popped at any time and then be forgotten for 5-10 minutes. That means popping pcons has no apm investment at significant times because you don't have to pop them at the exact moment they run out. Therefore you never have to fail a run at a critical moment because you had to click on pcons while you had to do something else. For example, you don't need to pop your golden egg during wastes quest because you can get it out of the way by popping it while walking to the reaper from the coldfire ball.

There was massive resistance against any form of id bug use in runs, even when the player makes the effort to manually produce the bug because it takes away the "skill" from the run, whatever that is.

The interrupt bot, unlike the consumable popper, is much more similar to the id bug because it changes what the player does during critical moments of the run, making the run easier at moments that truly matter when getting the record. Therefore I believe we should rule the interrupt bot in the same category as automatic coin drop, because in the end it is a bot and it changes game play in a similar way.

I view this as simply you having an agenda to make whatever record you are going for easier/doable by gwscr rules. Much in the same way that manual id bug would make critical dicerolls in solo uw less luck and more "skill" based, whatever this "skill" is.

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Re: Rupt-bot in PvE

Postby livia » Sat May 14, 2016 9:54 pm

I don't even know why this topic has been created.
First of all, using a bot for interupt 0.25 ms skill isn't making the run more confortable, it's impossible to be a little consistent on that.

Second, using auto pcons in record is a fuckin hudge advantage and i'm quite suprise that so many people defend it. I must agree that in uw / fow where if you die it's resign it doesn't require much apm as you only pop at the start & 5-10 minutes, hence why not (still why you need a software to do it in this case ??). Though, in doa (especially 2-4 mans) or in urgoz/deep being rez with +20 energy / +200 hp give a fuckin hudge advantage and saying otherwise just show that you never did it w/o.

Finally, i would really want to see someone reproduce manually the drop coins bug. Go for it someone, take a video to show us how you do it manually. If someone had bring any proof that it can actually be done manually there would be way more arguments in the favor of it. The only moment i can see the bug being using effeciently it's by someone that doesn't have to use any skills, like the tt at monk lord. The reason coins drop is not accepted isn't because he takes away any skill. For the minipet bug it could had been the case but just that no one ever show that he could do the bug w/o 3rd party program.

Anyway, it's kinda of sad that there is even a thread about using a auto rupt bot on skill that are cast in 0.25 secs. Actually, it can be interesting to push to his limit the underworld, but no way we put that in the same categorie of pp playing (at least) semi legit.

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Re: Rupt-bot in PvE

Postby haskhasin » Sun May 15, 2016 12:26 am

livia wrote: Finally, i would really want to see someone reproduce manually the drop coins bug. Go for it someone, take a video to show us how you do it manually.
Now, everyone, again, tell me why that is not allowed. Requires no skill? Well, it does, and it's just an extra tool that can be used by records. Broken as hell? Of course, but it's in the game, just like glitching dhuum. Or do uw people really think that doing 7man rest with no protections whatsoever is not a broken game mechanic?

Back to topic, I agree this is crazy. How do you even think that using a ruptbot is comparable to anything that is allowed in records? You can't rupt a 1/4th second cast skill reactively. This is not about making it consistent, it's about making it possible. Rupting a 3/4th or 1s skill is doable and a rupt bot would make it consistent, and I would still argue against it.

But do you know what's even more fucked up? None of those things are allowed... but it doesn't really matter. Just don't record a video, and you'll be fine! Most of the latest real records benefit a lot from breaking those rules, but there is no video to prove that they did, so they must be fine, right?

I am not accusing anyone of cheating, but I do want to bring attention on how the rules are broken.

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Re: Rupt-bot in PvE

Postby Befi » Sun May 15, 2016 5:56 am

i dont think a rupt bot is allowed, cause its doing things you cant do by yourself. (save 0,25sec skill rupting)

its not that easy to figure out which 3rd partytools are allowed but bots which do interactions you cant do by yourself should be forbidden.
(just my opinion)

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Re: Rupt-bot in PvE

Postby Marcin » Sun May 15, 2016 6:35 am

I'd reccomend joining [DS] Livia if you wanna join the toolbox crying squad :D Nothing against you Pepsi but I see this just as another attempt to try get toolbox banned from records again. People have tried and failed in the past so why bother again?

And this rupt idea is just silly, can't you just do a legit uw record like all these other current ones? It won't be fair on the other teams who put their hard work to get it fairly.

I see this as a desperate attempt to try get a record you just can't do without the help of cheats :)

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Re: Rupt-bot in PvE

Postby Pekkka » Sun May 15, 2016 6:54 am

Here we go again

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Re: Rupt-bot in PvE

Postby Jang » Sun May 15, 2016 8:09 am

has that video made me smile :D you can just drop a not stackable item and pick it up and drop it again for a manual drop bug. its 100% consistent and requires close to no skill at all

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Re: Rupt-bot in PvE

Postby livia » Sun May 15, 2016 9:12 am

That doesn't really go against what i said. You were just standing in the middle droping stuff. The problem is when you have to do something (like move & use skill). The only moment i can see it done it's by someone that doesn't really have to do something. Like the tank in room 1 / 2 / ml wish wasn't really the problem or the t2 in uw. I would actually like to see someone use it where it was the most used, the uw.

I don't really care that auto pcons is there as it was already discuss & the community wanted it to be legal. Though, you can't say that it doesn't give an advantage and in some case a huge one.

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