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Mission & VQ Record Contest

Posted: Sat May 05, 2018 5:33 am
by Misty
Win ectos by beating missions and vanquishes FAST! If you can complete an area faster or with a smaller party than anyone else has done before, I’ll give you a stack of ectos.

  • Your record must be submitted as a video and must be posted on GWSCR and adhere by its rules.
  • I’m not interested in ties - you must set a new record or beat an existing one.
  • Second-based records (most Factions missions) must be beaten by at least 10 seconds.
  • I will not accept any new records that use more than 2 heroes AND take longer than 30 minutes. You can use heroes, or you can take longer than half an hour, but you can’t do both, unless you are beating an existing record.
  • You must hold the record for one week, starting from the moment I accept your submission. If it gets beaten in that time, no prize for you.
  • I will only accept one submission at a time, in the order that they’re posted on GWSCR. For example, if someone posts a record on the 1st day of the month, and the next post is yours, your submission will be accepted on the 8th. I reserve the right to accept submissions earlier than a week apart.
  • TAS, Standard, and Pure in accordance to GWSCR rules will not be counted separately for this. If you submit a record that is considered TAS, it will still be compared to that of Standard or Pure and vice versa. On GWSCR it will be separated, but for the purpose of this specifically it will not.
  • The prize will be shared evenly between your party members.
  • I reserve the right to withhold the prize if I feel that the spirit of the contest has in any way been violated, although I strongly doubt it will be necessary to invoke this rule.
  • I may have to delay giving the prize if I don’t have enough ectos and you can’t give me change for armbraces.
  • I reserve the right to end this contest if and when I need to. I hope to keep it open for quite a long time though, if there is interest.

Why am I doing this?
There hasn’t been a great deal of interest in VQ and mission records; almost all are currently held by a small handful of people. I want to motivate the general community to get involved, hopefully providing some competition to motivate me to beat some more records!

How do I have so much money to give away?
I do a LOT of DoASC. I don’t collect expensive oldschool weapons or minis or anything, so I spend pretty much all my income on cons and giveaways.

Dude, nobody cares about your stupid mission records.
That’s not entirely true - enough people cared to make it a category on GWSCR, and maybe this contest will bring out some more interest.

Using cons and PvE skills makes this too easy - where’s the challenge?
Try for yourself and see how easy it is to set a record. The prize money should more than pay for your cons and make it worth your while!

Can I submit multiple records for the same area?
So long as it’s considered a distinct record by GWSCR rules, yes. You can even beat your own record later and win the prize again.

If I have heroes in my party, do I get their share of the prize?
No, I will keep your heroes’ share of the prize.

Do I still get a prize if I do a mission record with you?
Yup, you still get your share of the prize.

Re: Mission & VQ Record Contest

Posted: Mon May 07, 2018 7:26 am
by Misty
Record Submissions

Each submission will be accepted one week after the previous one. The prize will be awarded if the record is still held one week after being accepted. Here is the list of current submissions:

6 min solo Mamnoon Lagoon accepted 2:25 PM May 5th 2018, approved 2:25 PM May 12th 2018
10 min solo Gates of Kryta + bonus accepted 2:25 PM May 12th 2018, approved 2:25 PM May 19th 2018
7 min duo Ring of Fire + bonus accepted 2:25 PM May 19th 2018, approved 2:25 PM May 26th 2018
14 min 4-man Plains of Jarin VQ accepted 4:42 PM Jun 16th 2018, beaten 8:16 PM Jun 18 2018
12 min duo Plains of Jarin VQ accepted 4:42 PM Jun 23rd 2018, approved 4:42 PM Jun 30th 2018
6 min duo The Wilds accepted 4:42 PM Jun 30th 2018, approved 4:42 PM Jul 7th 2018
10 min solo Sanctum Cay + bonus accepted 12:29 AM Jul 9th 2018, approved 12:29 AM Jul 16th 2018
9 min solo Sanctum Cay + bonus accepted 1:01 AM Jul 17th 2018, approved 1:01 AM Jul 24th 2018
5 min solo Wajjun Bazaar accepted 6:20 PM Sep 1st 2018, approved 6:20 PM Sep 8th 2018
2 min trio Wajjun Bazaar accepted 6:20 PM Sep 8th 2018

Re: Mission & VQ Record Contest

Posted: Mon May 07, 2018 11:04 am
by Flo
You should do the mamnoon thing again but without the cupcake - that will probably be enough of a timesave.

Re: Mission & VQ Record Contest

Posted: Mon May 07, 2018 12:35 pm
by Misty
I did try it without a cupcake, but it's a real pain to catch the 2 patrols that move away from me. I also don't actually spend that much time moving sideways (and quite a lot moving forwards), so I'm not sure it could actually save time at all. However, you are of course welcome to try that and win the prize - I'm sure 5 min is absolutely unbeatable!